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Pregnancy Exercise Class

Pregnancy Exercise classes are now being held at River Ridge birth centre, exclusively for pregnant women. They are suitable for anyone from conception through to birth.

They are open to all women and it doesn't matter if this is going to be your place of birth or not.

Classes are held from 5:30-6:30pm on Wednesdays. 

The cost of these classes is $15. If you would like to register for these classes please email: [email protected]

Waikato Mums Exercise Class

If you have had a child, often the attention focuses all on them. This class allows the mums to do something for themselves in the company of others with young children. Children are welcome at these sessions and so you don't need to find a carer just so that you can get out and focus on your own fitness.

Having a baby changes the rules in terms of exercise, that's why these classes are tailored specifically to pregnant and postnatal women. If you hate burpees, pressups, situps, and planks you will be even more happy to know that these exercises are all "out of bounds" for the female body in this special stage of her life. So I guarantee you will do none of these exercises that can work against us in returning our body to the pre-pregnancy state.

Attendance is offered on a term basis, a concession card, or by casual attendance.

Classes are held at the Eureka Hall in Hamilton on Tuesdays from 10-11am.

Sheena Thompson

Nutritionist and Personal Trainer

Pregnancy & Postnatal Certified

Mum's & Bubs Trainer Hamilton